Physician Healthcare Mobile Apps

Today I had the pleasure of seeing my doctor for my yearly “female” check-up. While standing at the counter checking-in, I noticed there was a single sheet double sided take away with information about a mobile app titled “healow.” Intrigued by anything mobile, I was inclined to take the information for future reference. As I read through the information, I was excited to see that an app had been created that allows you stay in control of your healthcare.  Basically the app allows you to securely access your patient portal account from your smartphone anytime and anywhere.

The features of the app include:

  • Access to multiple patient portal accounts
  • Management of your prescriptions
  • Connection to doctors
  • Access to lab results and medical records
  • Control your schedule

What excites me about this app is the ability to access my information from my smartphone versus logging in from my laptop. Allowing me to login to several different patient portals for different doctors is a great benefit,  as the app serves as a central location for all the management of my healthcare.

Upon downloading the app, I found it easy to link to both of my patient portals with different doctors.  Once you have linked to your patient portals, you are asked to create a 4 digit pin for future app login.

The user interface is very easy to navigate and provides access to schedule appointments, medications, check-in, find appointment, trackers and my records.

photo (1)

From what I have seen so far, I definitely give this app a high rating and thumbs up!! If you rely on your smartphone to help manage your life, why not allow your smartphone to help manage your health!