Retail and Beacons

Retailers are always looking  for new ways to engage with the connected consumer, especially in-store where they can push relevant content at the right time and location. With the introduction of beacon technology, offers can be pushed to consumers at different in-store locations while they are shopping. The one obstacle is that the shopper must download the app, turn on Bluetooth, accept location services on the relevant app and opt-in to receive in-store or notifications. While many of the top retailers have already developed mobile apps, they will need to upgrade those apps to integrate the beacon technology.

While Beacon technology is a low cost, high targeting marketing technology, it is still in the trial phase. Many of the top retailers have adopted the technology and are in the pilot phase, with plans for national roll outs in 2015. Stores like Hudson Bay and Timberland are trying out the technology and analyzing its effectiveness.

A recent study from Swirl stated that 73% of shoppers surveyed said they were likely to buy more in-store if they were to receive beacon triggered content and offers.

Shoppers have long been using Amazon’s app in-store to compare pricing. Now with beacon technology, shoppers can use the smartphones to unlock relevant savings in-store, allowing retailers to provide an engaging and relevant shopping experience while retaining loyal customers.

My take…as a shopper, beacon technology excites me. It allows me the ability to opt-in to receive in-store content and offers that I might not be aware of without the beacon triggers. If the offers that are served to me are of interest, I would most likely be persuaded to purchase.

I am confident we will see more data on beacon technology in the months and year to come as more information becomes available from retailers who are piloting the technology.